ADEPT breach protection within your
cloud networks

Secure access of your software workloads
Stop threats in their tracks


ADEPT Egress Control neutralizes threats
in your cloud network

A gap in your cloud network security

Restricting egress connections from your cloud network is an important part of your overall cloud security posture.  This control point is often ignored or inadequately secured, leaving a gap in your network security.  Vulnerabilities are much easier to exploit when data and intellectual property can exit unhindered.

Effective, high-value protection

Dart Frog Cyber's ADEPT Egress Control technology restricts outbound network activity of the workloads running in your data centers to protect you from a myriad of threats.  This protection provides tremendous security value and complements the existing technologies and programs your company is using to defend against the various exploitation vectors. 

Intelligent and

Utilizing an allowlist-only approach applied to the DNS-layer, the ADEPT product restricts access to specified trusted domains for each workload.  Implementing and managing ADEPT is easy!  Running within your cloud network, ADEPT can identify similar instances and workloads to automatically protect your network. 




Using deep expertise in Cybersecurity and Data Science, solving network security problems is our passion. Dart Frog Cyber's founders met while working on exceptionally hard problems for the US Intelligence Community.  They have a track record of developing cutting-edge, data-driven cybersecurity products that are both effective and easy to use.  In fact, the founders sold their previous startup to a Privileged Access Management industry leader, and the product continues to set industry standards today.


Organizations are placing too much trust in software run inside their cloud environments.  Restricting the near-unlimited access of software workloads can prevent malicious activity in your cloud network regardless of its delivery mechanism (supply chain, web exploitation, insider threat, and many others).  Using a data-driven approach, we provide automated cybersecurity protection in an easy-to-use interface.


Our technology restricts access of your software workloads to only what is required.  You tell the system how to identify your workloads and grant permission for workload activity.  Our technology prevents unauthorized activity and provides you the visibility to verify you are secure.

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